To improve the quality of life for the people of Lake County experiencing mental illness or substance use disorder by offering recovery-oriented services.

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Suicide Prevention Proclamation - PDF
Recovery Happens Flyer - PDF

QIC Meeting Flyer - English - PDF - June 23rd
QIC Meeting Flyer - Spanish - PDF - June 23rd

Mental Health Matters Proclamation - PDF

 LCBHS Department Newsletter August 2022

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LCBHS Community Stakeholder Meeting Calendar

Date    Time    Committee    Venue    Agenda    Link
2/24/2022 10:00am - Noon MHSA    Hybrid/Zoom-InPerson   Meeting Agenda - 2-24-22 Recordinglinks to external site
3/24/2022 10:00am - Noon QIC    Hybrid/Zoom-InPerson   Meeting Agenda - 3-24-22 Zoom Linklinks to external site
4/21/2022 10:00am - Noon MHSA    Hybrid/Zoom-InPerson   Meeting Agenda - 4-21-22 Recordinglinks to external site
5/26/2022 10:00am - Noon Cultural Awareness    Hybrid/Zoom-InPerson    CANCELLED    CANCELLED
6/23/2022 10:00am - Noon QIC    Hybrid/Zoom-InPerson   Meeting Agenda - 6-23-22 Recordinglinks to external site
7/14/2022 10:00am - Noon MHSA    Hybrid/Zoom-InPerson  Agenda: English Spanish Zoom Linklinks to external site
8/25/2022 10:00am - Noon Cultural Awareness    Hybrid/Zoom-InPerson    
9/29/2022 10:00am - Noon QIC    Hybrid/Zoom-InPerson  Meeting Agenda - 9-29-22 Zoom Linklinks to external site
10/27/2022 10:00am - Noon MHSA    Hybrid/Zoom-InPerson   Zoom Linklinks to external site
11/17/2022 10:00am - Noon Cultural Awareness    Hybrid/Zoom-InPerson    
12/15/2022 10:00am - Noon QIC    Hybrid/Zoom-InPerson    
      Venue Options:    
      Big Oak Peer Support Center - Clearlake Oaks   
      Family Support Center - Middletown
        Circle of Native Minds - Lakeport
      Harbor on Main - Lakeport
      La Voz de la Esparanza - Clearlake

Suicide Prevention Services

North Bay Suicide Prevention Hotline of Lake County  (855) 587-6373
National Suicide Prevention Hotline  (800) 273-TALK (8255)

Lake County Resource Guide

Detailed website containing clickable links to information about services, programs, and resources in Lake County.


Community Peer Support Center Directory