Volunteer Program

The Lake County Sheriff's Office is pleased and proud to be associated with a cadre of fine residents who comprise our volunteers. The program began in 1990 to reduce an increasing workload on clerical and other employees. These active seniors (and some not-so-seniors) donate their time in all areas of our operations. Volunteers work varied assignments, allowing our employees to perform law enforcement functions. 

Areas they assist include:

  • Range CCW training and the evidence firearms team
  • Gun and drug (evidence) transport
  • Records and administrative duties including:
    • DA filings
    • Hard copy reports
    • All monthly volunteer statistics
  • Marine Patrol
  • Civil
  • Department vehicle maintenance
  • Community special events, such as:
    • The Lake County Fair
    • DSA Steel Challenge
    • Parades
    • The First Responder Memorial Ceremony
  • Chaplain requests 

The volunteers also handle programs that provide service directly to the communities. "You Are Not Alone" (called the YANA Program) provides telephone contact with elderly citizens or shut-ins, Monday through Saturday. Calls are placed daily to participants during the week, checking on their condition and asking if all is well. This service is provided to those who have no one available to check on their welfare.

Vacation Checks are also handled by the Volunteers. When a local resident is away from home for an extended period, at their request, volunteers check the residence for security. While helping to deter burglary or theft, this service is not a guarantee that the home will be secure while the owner is absent. This service is performed based on the availability of volunteers and vehicles.

The Sheriff's Volunteer Program is composed of 30 dedicated citizens. Our volunteers' ages range from the 20s well into the 80s. There is no age barrier for the spirit of dedication and service to the community.

If you would like to volunteer some of your time or talents to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, please give us a call, visit our office, apply via mail or with the form below.

Volunteer Application

  1. Did you graduate from high school?
  2. Do you have prior military service?
  3. As an adult, have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense other than a minor traffic violation?
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